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May 2014

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• We are open 24/7
• Panic Buttons
• Reminders

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A reminder that we never close

The Safegard Monitoring Station is locally operated (Lower Hutt) and has staff available to take calls 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Here are some of the things we can do at, say, 11.30pm on a Sunday night;

  • Answer your questions about alarm issues, beeping, capability etc.
  • Give you current or recent status of your alarm
  • Help you with programming new codes or changing settings
  • Book a service

Here are some of the things that have to be confined to normal business hours;

  • Queries about your account
  • Requests to speak to a specific staff member
  • Quotations or sales advice

In addition, if you need to pick something up or drop something off to our premises, we can receive you by appointment at pretty much any time.

Panic/Duress Activation

What is it?

Pretty much all alarms have the ability to send a PANIC or DURESS signal to the monitoring station. A Panic signal is one that also triggers the alarm and sounds the siren. A Duress signal is a silent notification sent to the monitoring station without triggering the alarm.

Why would you do it?

If you’re at home and don’t feel safe, or suspect that there is an intruder on the property or in the house, trigger the Panic alarm. The signal will be sent even when your alarm is not set, so this can be helpful in removing unwanted guests or scaring away intruders.

If you are being forced to ‘unset’ your alarm against your will, use the Duress option.

How do you do it?


The method varies among alarm manufacturers, but there will either be a dedicated PANIC button (sometimes ‘P’), or a combination of two keys pressed simultaneously.

For the Bosch alarms that Safegard installs, pressing STAY(*) and AWAY(#) together will send a PANIC signal to our monitoring station. The (1) and (3) keys will also work.

On remotes, a combination of any two keys pressed at the same time will do the trick.

NOTE: a Panic signal is sent regardless of whether or not the alarm is set.


To send a DURESS signal (on a Bosch alarm), add (9) to the end of your alarm code. For example, if your alarm code was 1234, enter 1-2-3-4-9-#(AWAY).

What happens when Safegard receives a Panic signal?

Upon receipt of a Panic or Duress signal, the official response of the Safegard monitoring team is:

  1. Ring the premises,
  2. If there is no reply, ring ONE cellphone backup,
  3. Send a guard.

Sometimes in special cases, such as night-time businesses in high risk areas, or individuals with specific circumstances, the response may be an immediate call to the Police.

Set a Duress Password with Safegard

If you wish you can set up a Duress password with our monitoring station. This is a second password that tells us all is NOT right. It is common for night-time businesses to have a ‘safe’ and an ‘unsafe’ password. i.e. the client sends a Panic or Duress signal – the Safegard monitoring station rings the premises and asks for a password – the client gives the DURESS password – Safegard rings the police.

False Alarms

It occasionally happens that a Safegard client will inadvertently press the Panic button by mistake. Sometimes people even sit on their remote and press the two simultaneous buttons, and children playing with a keyring can and do send us Panic signals.

All you need to do if this happens is answer your phone. We’ll ask for your password and that’s it.

To stop the alarm from sounding after a PANIC activation, just unset it as you would upon entry.

The Safegard website

Did you know that you can download the user manual for most common alarm makes and models from our website?

We also have information on how to deal with a beeping alarm, what the Safegard response is to alarm activations and a whole lot more.

It's a fact that the answers to 90% of the questions our clients have when they ring the office are already on the website.

In fact, if you can think of some information that is NOT on our website but you believe SHOULD be there, let us know. The more you know about your alarm, our monitoring service and your security in general, the better.


A few reminders


If you missed a newsletter or notice, or just want to read one again, Safegard newsletters are now on our website.


TXT Messaging from Safegard

We are endeavouring to send non-essential reminders and alerts to our clients via text message (SMS). Events like a district wide power cut, for which it is impossible for us to ring 1000–3000 clients, will be sent out through text message. If we don't have the best phone number please let us know on 04 570 1070. 


$200 Credit for referrals

We are still offering our clients a $200 credit on their Safegard account for any new monitoring client that they refer to us. We also offer $100 for alarm install referrals and $50 for alarm upgrade referrals. Keep them coming in please!

Wall planner/Calendar

We have an abundance of our handy year planner/calendars available. These are double-sided, with 2014 on one side and 2015 0n the other, so there’s still 20 months of use in them. Either come in to our showroom at 1/330 High Street, Lower Hutt, or email/ring us and we will send you one.