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June 2014

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• Winter pests
• Robot vacuum cleaners
• Contact numbers

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False alarm alert

Everyone knows that the cooler weather brings in the mice (and sometimes even rats!). But did you know that if you have an older alarm and have not yet upgraded your sensors to the pet-ignore variety, even a small mouse can trigger your alarm?

For Safegard this time of year is rife with false alarms caused by mice, especially in garages – although kitchens are also popular. The irony is that people who don’t have pet-ignore sensors don’t have cats, and it’s cats that keep the mice in the walls!

The remedy is to upgrade your sensors to pet-ignore sensors – even if you don’t have pets. And of course to set traps or engage a pest control expert.

Contact us on 04 570 1070 for a quote to upgrade your sensors.

NOTE: "Our Sensors Are Tested On Animals"


ROBOT Vacuum Cleaners

A great new product spreading across the nation is the wonder of the robotic vacuum cleaner. This marvellous little device cleans your carpet automatically by roving in random patterns across the floor until all the dust is collected, then returns to its burrow (docking station).

Best of all, this can be scheduled to occur when nobody is home!

Unfortunately these amazing little creatures can (and do) trigger the motion sensor of your alarm. In fact it's highly likely to trigger your alarm. And as you will probably time the vacuuming operation for when you're not home, the alarm will be set. 

What to do?

The first thing you do when you purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner is inform Safegard. We can put this information on file, and then when we have an alarm activation at precisely 2.53pm in the living room every day, we have a good idea of its cause.


As these machines can sometimes even trigger cat-ignore sensors, the long term remedy might be to relocate or adjust the sensors in the rooms accessible to the device. You are welcome to ring us to discuss how to accommodate a moving object in a motion sensor environment without triggering the sensor. 


We have had a few situations of late caused when Safegard monitored clients have taken up their ISP's offer of VDSL (a much faster version of ADSL, or standard broadband Internet).

What the client hasn't known has been that their landline phone service has been changed to a VoIP phone service (over the Internet), which has meant the alarm is unable to send signals to the monitoring station.

First, VDSL does NOT have to mean that you lose your traditional landline. It can share the copper line with your phone. But many packages offered by ISPs include an Internet phone service because it is cheaper.

Second, if you do change your phone service to one that utilises the Internet rather than the old copper phone line, we do have a device to allow you to continue to be monitored. There is, however, a cost for this device which should be taken into account when you are considering changing your phone and Internet service.

Here are a couple of things for you to consider:

  • If you change your Internet and phone provider, please let us know
  • Before you change your internet and/or phone provider, we suggest that you ask your new provider whether or not the change will affect your monitored alarm.

If you have any questions or are considering changing to VDSL (or Fibre/UFB) give us a ring on 04 570 1070 and we will be happy to talk you through your options.

Changing contact numbers

When you set up your alarm monitoring, you gave us a set of numbers to call in case of alarm activation. 

Some of our clients have been with us for ten years.

Are the numbers you gave us still relevant?

We ask that if you have changed your cellphone number or your personal circumstances (relationships change, neighbours move away etc.) that you give us a call and check your contact details.



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We are still offering our clients a $200 credit on their Safegard account for any new monitoring client that they refer to us. We also offer $100 for alarm install referrals and $50 for alarm upgrade referrals. Keep them coming in please!



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