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July 2014

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• Smoke Detectors
• Tradespeople
• Touch Keypad
• Going Away

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Your Safegard Smoke Detector is ALWAYS ON

Did you know that your Safegard Smoke Detector is always on, regardless of whether your alarm is set or not. And if it activates, even when your alarm is unset, we will respond instantly.

(If Safegard installed it) your smoke detector will be of the photoelectric variety, which means it activates whenever particles of smoke get between a light source and a detector. This type of detector will activate much earlier for smouldering fires than would an ionisation type.

False Alarms

Because a photoelectric detector detects ‘particles’ in the air, it may occasionally find some that were not caused by a fire. False alarms may be caused by steam, dust and cobwebs.

But here are the most common causes of false alarms statistically as recorded by the Safegard Monitoring team;

  1. Toast
  2. Steak
  3. Tradesmen

Preventing False Alarms

The single most effective method for preventing false alarms is the correct siting of your detector. If installed by Safegard, this should already have been done correctly. You don’t site a detector directly in the kitchen, above a central heating outlet or just outside the bathroom.

Apart from this obvious point, there are a few steps that can be taken to ensure that the detector won’t sound off unnecessarily.

  • When cooking toast, close the door between the kitchen and the hall or room with the smoke detector
  • When cooking steak, close the door between the kitchen and the hall or room with the smoke detector
  • Tradesmen – see below
  • Routinely spray some compressed air around the detector, and/or vacuum carefully with a brush attachment to remove any accumulation of dust.

Tradespeople and DIY

Whenever you have tradespeople in your home (or on your commercial premises after hours), please PLEASE let us know.

Tradespeople can cut the power, and they'll rarely answer the phone when we ring to advise of the power loss.

But more importantly, tradespeople can also sand and spray and cause other particles to fill the air, setting off the smoke detector. And once again, tradespeople who are in your home when you are away at work (with the alarm unset) will not always answer the phone when we ring.

Unfortunately (in this situation) if we get a smoke activation and nobody answers the phone, we will send the fire service – and many times the fire service arrive to find tradespeople going about their business in the house.

Do-it-yourselfers can also waste the time of our highly efficient fire service, simply by wearing earmuffs while they are sanding and not hearing the alarm, or not answering the phone.

Telling Safegard

HOWEVER, if we are informed that you are conducting renovations, or have tradespeople on site, we can note this on the file and perhaps even get their cellphone number for contact.


Here at Safegard we are excited to announce a great new Touch Screen keypad soon to be available for Bosch alarm systems. What makes this truly exciting is that we can retro-install this keypad in most existing systems.

The TouchOne keypad is designed and manufactured in New Zealand and will perform all kinds of amazing feats, including but not limited to; connecting to smartphones; allowing programming without having to enter strings of text; capturing images of anyone using the keypad and much more.

We are recording expressions of interest in the new TouchOne keypad, so if you wish to be notified when these become available, email

Going Away?

A reminder that if you are going away to please let us know. 

  • If we know that there is nobody home and no one authorised to be in the house, we can skip the call list and send a guard immediately upon alarm activation
  • At the time of informing us of your trip you can set up a temporary change to your call list (for example adding a neighbour)
  • Informing us will lessen the chance of your receiving a call on your cellphone in Kathmandu.



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