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January 2014

In This Issue

• Free Wall Planner
• A cautionary tale
• Reward Reminder
• Anniversary Month

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Safegard is currently offering rewards for client referrals. see more

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Free two-year wall planner

Safegard has produced a colourful double-sided wall planner/calendar for 2014 and 2015. The size is A2 and you can download a high resolution PDF from our website, which you can then print to any size you wish (A4 to A-humongous).

Or, if you want a professionally printed A2 wall planner/calendar absolutely FREE, just pop into our offices at 1/330 High Street, Lower Hutt and pick one up. Alternatively, contact us on 04 570 1070 or email and we will send you one in the mail.

Our technicians will also be carrying a supply of wall planners with them for the near future, so any service work carried out will bring one directly to you.

A cautionary tale

We were rung recently by a client of ours who reported a disturbing incident. She was at home alone, with the alarm unset (naturally), and was in the rear portion of the house. She heard a noise from the front of the house, but upon investigation she found an intruder who had blithely entered through an unlocked front door. Luckily for her the intruder ran away, but it serves as a good reminder for everyone to keep personal security in mind even when at home.

For most modern alarm systems (including Bosch, Solution and DSC), if you have a wireless remote, the simultaneous pressing of any two buttons will send a PANIC signal to the Safegard monitoring station. If you’re near the alarm keypad, pressing STAY (*) and AWAY (#) together will perform the same function.

The first thing we will do upon receipt of this signal is ring your premises, and the simple act of the phone ringing could be enough to scare an intruder away. It’s nice to know there’s someone watching over you even when your alarm is unset.

Reward Reminder

A good number of our monitored clients have now received a $200 credit in return for referring someone new to our monitoring service. Remember that if you know anyone who is not currently monitored (or if they are monitored by a different company), you will both benefit should they bring their monitoring to us.

We are also rewarding our clients who refer new alarm installations or upgrades to us. All the details are on our website here.

Anniversary Month

Safegard groups monitored clients into months, being the month that your alarm was installed (or in the case of clients who came to us with existing alarms, the month of changeover).

For example, if we installed your alarm in February 2012, you are categorised by us as a ‘February’ client. In this case, your biennial alarm service/check and battery change would be due February 2014.

We are in the process of organising our client email database into anniversary months, which should be completed within a few weeks. Until then, if you are unsure which month is your anniversary, ring us on 04 570 1070 or email us at and we will let you know.

In the meantime, be safe,

The team at Safegard Alarms