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February 2014

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• CCTV Successes
• New Product
• Smoke Detector deal
• Reminders

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Safegard-installed cameras are doing the business!

Recent successes involving Safegard installed CCTV systems are mounting. Here’s just a few examples:

A case in which a would-be burglar approached a Safegard client’s premises and attempted to break in but decided against it, so went away in search of other targets. Unfortunately for him, during his attempts he looked directly into two hi-res cameras as was recorded for posterity. He then approached the premises opposite our client’s and spent some time kicking his way inside – an act also caught on the client’s cameras! Footage was given to police, the offender was recognised, and will doubtless be taken out of circulation.

In several other cases, clients’ employees have been caught either slacking off, stealing stock or leaving their assigned stations when under instruction not to.

In one final case an employee who was suspected of stealing was exonerated by the cameras.

CCTV systems are not just about catching burglars or crooked employees. They can be a major deterrent to crime, a management tool, and can even protect employees from false claims or accusations made by customers or students or other employees.

Exciting New Product Alert

We live in exciting times! Imagine getting an alert from the Safegard Monitoring station of an alarm activation at your place, then being able to view the cause on your smartphone – a short 10 second video or a series of snapshots taken right at the source!

A PIR(sensor) with a built-in camera is a recent, but very expensive, development. Following the initial product offer by the big players in security, however, was a proliferation of cheap, but poor quality, imports offered for a fraction of the price. Until now, Safegard has avoided both the high priced ‘genuine’ versions and the ‘sure-to-fail’ copies.

But soon we will be able to offer you high quality camera-sensors from a reputable manufacturer, and for a reasonable price too!

We can’t wait!


March Special

Get a second hard-wired, monitored smoke detector installed for $125 (incl. GST). Don’t leave anything to chance. The fire service advise at least two for a normal house – one near (but not in) the kitchen and one outside the bedrooms. If the master bedroom is removed from the kids’ bedrooms, then one each is also a good idea.

Just a note from Safegard: our wired-in smoke detectors DO NOT BEEP. In fact, they can’t. Yet every year we receive hundreds of phone calls from clients telling us that our hard-wired smoke detector is chirping or beeping and can we come and fix it please. Not once has this ever been the case. In almost all of these cases a BATTERY smoke detector is the culprit. In some cases the client has even discovered that they have a battery smoke detector tucked away they didn’t even know about. Occasionally it’s a child’s toy or other appliance.

A few reminders...

Wallplanner/Calendar. If you want a handy double-sided 2014/2015 A2 wall planner, either pop into our office at 1/330 High Street, Lower Hutt, or contact us and we will send you one.


Anniversary Date. Safegard operates on the date that we either installed your alarm or that you came on board with our monitoring as the date of service. Our advice is that your alarm is serviced every two years and the backup battery changed. 

If your anniversary date is March, now is the time to book your biennial service.

If you’re not sure of your anniversary date, ring us on 04 570 1070 or email us at and we can tell you.


Email contact. We’re probably preaching to the converted here, but just a reminder that we no longer send reminders or advisories via snail mail, but have shifted our client contact regime entirely to email and text (SMS). If you read this, but know of or hear another Safegard client mention that we don’t write, we don’t call… please have them contact us with their email address.


Referrals. Finally a reminder that we are still offering a $200 Safegard credit to any client who refers another monitoring client to us, and a $200 Safegard credit to anyone who switches their monitoring to us. We also offer rewards for alarm install and upgrade referrals. For more see our website.


In the meantime, be safe,

The team at Safegard Alarms