My Alarm is Beeping!

Stop your alarm from keeping you awake at night!

An alarm beeps to inform you that the status has changed. In most cases it is NOT an emergency.

The MOST COMMON CAUSE of an alarm beeping is a recent temporary loss of communication with the Monitoring Station.

This occurs when your PERIODIC TEST (the daily signal that the alarm sends to ensure that the lines of communication are open) fails. This Periodic Test is usually set for the early hours of the morning. Phone service can be interrupted during the night from provider problems or due to the phone being "off the hook".

To STOP your alarm from beeping:

Bosch Alarm PRESS the [AWAY #] button momentarily

DSC Alarm PRESS the [AWAY #] button momentarily

Paradox Alarm PRESS the [TRBL] button momentarily

NOTE 1: Stopping the beeping only silences the alarm to give you some peace. It does not rectify the problem. In most cases the issue will rectify itself in time, but sometimes there might be a real fault, such as a failing battery or sensor.
NOTE 2: "MOMENTARILY" means a quick press. Holding the button down for longer may ARM the alarm.
Read your manual to learn how to perform a FAULT ANALYSIS on your alarm.

For other alarm manufacturers or models, see your manual or ring our office on 04 570 1070

Find your manual here

Frequently asked questions

Security Systems & Alarms FAQs

Yes we do. We sell, install and service the full alarm system including motion sensors, window and door reed switches and remotes. We can also pre-wire a house or commercial building under contruction so that we run the wires before the cladding goes on. We then come in later and install the components.

We have trained installers and technicians who can install any and all of your alarm components, whether in a new home or existing.

Our standard Bosch alarm package is $1095 including GST, and includes the alarm panel, keypad, backup battery, two PIRs (motion sensors), photoelectric smoke detector, full installation and training, and comes with 12 months free alarm monitoring.

Yes. If the alarm is still in good operable condition we can service it and hook it up to our Monitoring Station.

Yes it can. If you are monitored by SafeGard or we installed the alarm, we can probably talk you through this over the phone. In other cases our Techs can reset your alarm and allow you to set a new code.

Yes we do. We sell and install Bosch & DC systems.
Wireless alarms can be installed where running wires through walls or ceilings is difficult or impossible – such as high chapel ceilings. Wireless alarms are also faster to install, and can be quickly uninstalled to take with you (for example in rental or temporary premises).
The disadvantages of wireless alarms is that every component apart from the alarm panel requires batteries, which must be replaced periodically. Wireless alarms (good ones) are also more expensive than wired systems.
We offer an alarm upgrade package, which replaces the alarm panel, keypad and battery for $695, using existing wiring and sensors. Click here for more info

Monitoring FAQs

A 'Monitored' alarm means that your alarm and all of its components – including smoke detectors etc. – are connected to SafeGard's 24/7 Monitoring station by phone line (or over the internet or cellular network). If there is an alarm activation, we know about it immediately and can take appropriate action.

In addition to burglary activations, our Monitoring Station can monitor the status of your alarm battery and any batteries in the wireless sensors. Plus the status of your power supply (power cuts) and phone line. We can also monitor panic alarms and smoke/fire detectors. For businesses, we can monitor whether staff members are entering premises after hours and if your business is opened and closed on time.

Yes. If the alarm is still in a good operable condition we can service it and hook it up to our Monitoring Station.

Yes it can. If you are monitored by SafeGard or we installed the alarm, we can probably talk you through this over the phone. In other cases our Techs can reset your alarm and allow you to set a new code.

They certainly can, especially if the sensors are of an older type or non pet-ignore. But we can install pet-ignore sensors that will allow you to leave your cats inside. (Small dogs too, if required.)

No. A fair use policy applies. If your actions cause the alarm to activate, you will be charged for the guard callout. For example if you have pets inside and no pet sensors, and there is an activation, all guard callouts will be charged to you. Talk to us for more information. View the Fair Use Policy
Yes. Our advertised monitoring fee is for a 12 month contract, but we can look at shorter term contracts.
You will receive a phone call from our friendly Monitoring Team and be asked for your password.

Pets and Alarms

How your alarm is affected by pets.

There's a lot of confusion over cats, dogs and security systems, so here is our attempt to lessen that confusion.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors or Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs) are not perfect. They are designed to pick out the motion of warm objects against the background.

  • If it's warm and it moves, the PIR will trigger, activating the alarm.
  • If it's cold and it moves, the PIR will ignore it.
  • If it's warm and it doesn't move, the PIR will ignore it.

Unfortunately, pets are warm and they move (unless they're a tortoise). Mice can set off standard PIRs, and often do. Insects that get inside PIRS set them off (and they do).


Theory is that pets covered with fur appear cooler to infra-red detectors than human skin, which is much warmer. Motion detectors are pre-set to detect body temperatures.
Pets give off heat, and especially if they're been lying in front of a heater or in the sun, they can be very hot. That's why special sensors must be utilised to avoid false alarms caused by pets.

Pet friendly Detectors

You're probably heard of pet-friendly PIRs or cat-ignore sensors (and may even have them installed). The question is, how do they work? The key elements to pet friendly sensors are height and weight . A sensor may be catergorised cat or dog.

How large is your pet?

Small creatures walking calmly across the floor will be ignored by cat-ignore sensors (1–20kg). Slightly larger creatures walking across the floor will be ignored by dog-ignore sensors (45kg). But a human walking upright through the room will still trigger the alarm.

...which is all good in theory...

So long as animals behave themselves, there should be no false alarms. But few people know what animals get up to when their owners are away! Once again, the critical word is HEIGHT.

Fighting, jumping even walking up stairs can trigger a false alarm...

Fighting or playing cats can leap into the air and cause false alarms. So can two small dogs. In fact, when a client tells us that they have two small dogs, we know immediately that a potential problem exists.

Cats that have access to high areas will also trigger the alarm. Couches, mantel pieces and window sills all raise a cat into PIR territory.

Also, some people's idea of a dog would be better applied to a horse.

And finally, PIRs that point directly at stairs cannot be set to ignore animals.

So what are the remedies?

High areas

If you have cats, ensure that there are no high areas in the path of the sensor(s).
In the case of living rooms that contain couches or shelves that attract cats, but which cannot be moved, consider shutting cats out of this room. Do not point sensors at stairs. If you have a very big dog, consider alternatives to motion sensors (below).

Quick fixes

Sometimes your alarm installer can manually tape off the bottom of a sensor, or mask it with a blinker, to exclude an area where cats regularly trigger false alarms.

The high-tech fix

A camera (CCTV) mounted in a room with animals and monitored by your alarm company can allow the monitoring operator to check whether animals are present when an alarm triggers – or to capture images of an intruder.

Alternative methods to motion detection

Motion sensors are not the only detector used by security systems. Glass breaks and reed switches can be used in rooms where animals roam.

Glass Break

As the name suggests a glass break is a sensor specifically designed to detect the sound of a breaking window. Burglars regularly break windows to get into a house, and a monitored glass break will trigger the alarm and alert the monitoring company.

Reed Switches

These are magnetic contacts placed on doors and windows that trigger when the door or window is opened. These have the added advantage of allowing an alarm to be set at night when the occupants are home.

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"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to your team for your call yesterday to let us know our alarm had been activated so promptly. We were broken into about 8 weeks ago and weren't using our alarm, following this I contacted Safegard and got amazing service and arranged for our alarm to be monitored. I did not expect to 8 weeks later be dealing with another break in! Fortunately this time they did not manage to steal any items and were most likely surprised to have the alarm go off - we are so thankful! Of course trying to enter they have done some pretty major damage. But it sure beats the feeling of knowing someone has been into all your drawers and cupboards etc again! We are in the process of building a garage and once completed we will be in contact because we will require a sensor in there, in the meantime I will be reminding everyone I can how having your alarm on and monitored is such a priority and sending them your way!"

T Ward - Lower Hutt - October 2016

What People Are Saying

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best customer service possible. Here are a few things our clients say about us...


Victim of Burglary

...after becoming the victim of burglary the week proir I was quite stressed and wanted assurance that I could leave my home without fearing the worst when I returned. I can't tell you the relief I now feel at having the alarm installed. It was the best money I've ever spent.


Happy Customer

Thanks for your excellent customer service...Friendly and very professional. Your technician did an excellent installation job in our tricky heritage house and left it very tidy afterwards

The salesman displayed a professionalism which is sadly lacking in many companies today. There was no pressure to buy, the information was clear and precise, and it was a real pleaseure to deal with him. My compliments also apply to the technician who installed the system, a very pleasant preson to deal with.

Gino Happy client

...we were more than satisfied with the service from your company in all areas, from the initial visit to the installation right through to the follow up call. We could not fault your prompt, friendly manner and the technician who did the installtion went the extra mile...

Gary & Jann Excited customer

While we wouldn't normally suggest something like this we think for the work you did you could probably be billing a little more!..we will certainly be recommending your company to anyone we know who could possibly be looking at alarms or security

Melissa & Blair Blown away clients

Must say all my dealings with Safegard have been congenial and promptly dealt with. Well done all, much appreciated.

Greg Very satified customer

...yes we would love to continue with the alarm monitoring serice on the monthly payment plan. Given the number of break-ins around Miramar we have never regretted signing up with you guys!

Paul Miramar resident tradesman I've ever had on my property!

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