"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to your team for your call yesterday to let us know our alarm had been activated so promptly...

We were broken into about 8 weeks ago and weren't using our alarm, following this I contact Safegurd and got amazing service and arranged for our alarm to be monitored. I did not expect to 8 weeks later be dealing with another break in! Fortunately this time they did not manage to steal any items and were most likely surprised to have the alarm go off - we are so thankful!! of course trying to enter they have done some pretty major damage. But it sure beats the feeling of knowing someone been into all your drawers and cupboards etc again! We are in the process of building a garage and once completed we will be in contact because we will require a sensor in there, in the meantime I will be reminding everyone I can how having your alarm on and monitored is such a priority and sending them your way!"
T Ward - Lower Hutt - October 2016


Our skilled technicians have decades of combined experience in the security and alarm electronics fields, and can service or upgrade any standard alarm systems, including:

  • Bosch
  • DSC ( Classic, Power, Enovy)
  • Paradix (Espirit, Spectra)
  • Micron
  • DAS
  • Elite (Crow, Alert)
  • Chubb
  • ADT & also Signature
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While these are the major brands installed in New Zealand homes our technicians can inspect, service and upgrade any other system you may have. We can provide a full fault analysis and test all functions of the alarm, and replace backup batteries over two years old. Also we can configure and upgrade these systems to connect to our Wellington-based 24 hour monitoring station.

If you have moved into premises with any of these alarms and require defaulting or new passwords this can be done very easily!

Please note that to qualify for special premiums many insurance companies require your alarm to be serviced annually. We can supply you with a letter to advise that your alarm has been serviced.
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Already have an alarm and want an upgrade?
Latest Bosch technology for a less than the the price of a completely new alarm system. Keep your existing sensors and sirens and installed wiring, and upgrade the Alarm Panel and Keypad, including a new backup battery.

Starting from $695 (incl. GST) INSTALLED

  • Jump into the 21st Century
  • Two of best security technology brands available
  • Talk to us today
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Are you disconnecting your landline or converting to Fibre?
Then you'll need an alternative.

IP Monitoring

This is when your alarm is monitored over the internet through your broadband connection.No need for a landline, no cost for calls, but you should add a UPS for your router for power outages/power cuts.

More on IP Monitoring

GPRS Monitoring

This is when your alarm is monitored over the mobile cellular data network (3G). General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a packet oriented mobile data service on the 2G and 3G cellular communication system's global system for mobile communications (GSM).

More on GPRS Monitoring

Pricing on IP & GPRS Monitoring set up starting from
$295 (incl. GST) installed*

*Conditions apply.

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What sets Safegard Alarms apart from the rest of the security companies in Wellington?

We offer a Rapid Guard Response, Fire & Medical, and Access Control support.

Rapid Guard Response

Rapid Neighbourhood Guard Responses are included in the cost of the Monitoring* if you own your own alarm. Being a local monitoring company we respond faster to your alarm by dispatching local patrol cars from your area. Our aim is to be on site within 15 minutes. Sometimes this is not possible, because of distance or traffic.As well as our own Rapid Response security guards, we use a number of independent companies and contractors around the region to ensure that you get the FASTEST response possible.

*Fair use policy applies

Fire & Medical

Our new Photoelectric Smoke Detectors will protect you and your property while you are at home AND away. If there is a fire while you are home, the fire detectors will trigger the alarm, the 120dB sirens will sound to wake you up and our monitoring station will call you and if there is no response the Fire Service will be dispatched.

Access Control

We have door intercom options available for residential properties to protect you from unwanted visitors at your door.


You Don't Pay for False Alarm Callouts. If Safegard sold and installed your alarm and all the components and hardware are still under guarantee*. Also your house has to be secure - all windows and doors locked etc.

What's the between a False Alarm Activation & a Misuse Alarm Activation?

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That means if anything doesn't perform as it should, it will be repaired or replaced immediately, at no cost to you.

*Alarm must be Monitored by Safegard and regularly serviced.

*Three years for alarm sales and clients on the Gold monitoring plan. Extended warranties exist for clients who remain monitored beyond the three years

*Please note: guarantee does not cover any external parts (e.g. sirens) within 300m of the sea

In order to fix false alarms we will need to agree on an appointment time that works for both Safegard and the client, and we will require access to the property during office hours. If we can’t fix the issue, within a reasonable time frame due to the property being inaccessible, and the false alarms continue, then this may result in guard callout charges.

See our full terms & conditions

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