Monitored Alarm Tips

Make sure your house/site is secure

Make sure you close and lock all windows. Even if you have stays on the windows, the wind can blow the curtains creating movement and this will set off your sensors creating a false activation.

Keep your alarm clean

Fly spray can prevent spiders, flies, ants interfering with sensros & causing activations. Vacuum round your sensors and smoke detectors once a month to remove insects.

Regular service check & battery change

It's important to get a Safegard service at least every 2 years to check your alarm. Components could become inactive/damaged over a period of time and if not picked up by a technician then you run the risk of having your alarm inactive without even noticing.

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Accidental smoke/heat alarm activations

If the smoke alarm activates and no one answers the site phone when we call or no contact is made with us, we will send the Fire Brigade*.
*Once emergency services are dispatched we can’t stand them down.

Smoke Detector Placement

Smoke detectors near bathrooms and in kitchens are prone to false activations, please keep this in mind. Generally keep smoke detectors 3m away.

Cleaners and Tradesmen

Always let us know the name and phone number of any tradesmen who will be onsite and give them our contact details as well.
Consider having a pin number that belongs to your cleaner only, and is not used by anyone else. Also let us know their name, number and the time expected on site.


Our Alarm Activation Process

  • 1. We call the site to inform you of the activation details & ask if you would like a guard sent to the site
    If no answer,
  • 2. We call through the phone contact list that has been provided by you the client,
    If no further contact can be made with client,
  • 3. We will dispatch a guard
  • Once we get a report back from the guard,
    (i) and the site IS secure - we will contact you and let you know, and try to determine what caused the activation, you may be liable if one of the scenarios listed in our Fair Use Policy has occurred.
    (ii) and the site is NOT secure - we will call the appropriate emergency service* and will keep trying to contact a key-holders.
    *Once emergency services are dispatched we can’t stand them down.

    If you receive a call from one of the below phone numbers it is Safegard’s Monitoring Station and they are trying to contact you.