When an emergency occurs, and you’re CONNECTED to Safegard, you can be assured of a RAPID RESPONSE from a professional - a security guard, the fire service, the police or an ambulance.

  • Locally Monitored - employing local people who know your alarm
  • Safegard have over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the Security profession
  • 24/7 Helpline available to monitored clients
  • A Free Callout - to clients on the Platinum Monitoring Plan

Business, Office, Shop & Commercial Security

A burglary in an office, shop or business can mean a whole lot more than the loss of a few things and possessions.

Safegard has considerable experience in preventing the financial and productivity loss associated with a burglary from commercial premises.

Irreplaceable items such as:

  • Stolen computers can contain data that's vital for the continuation of your business
  • Specialist replacement machinery or parts are not always immediately available
  • The mess made by burglars (and any consequent police investigation) can mean loss of production or opening hours
  • The majority of commercial and business premises are vacant overnight and in the weekends – prime burglary opportunities

Safegard Commercial Monitoring

A business without a professionally fitted alarm that is monitored 24-7 by trained staff is at risk of much more than just the economy.

  • Safegard can keep track of the comings and goings of staff after hours
  • Safegard can advise you if the premises haven't opened on time, or are late to close (last leaving staff member has failed to set the alarm)
  • Safegard can monitor your cleaners on the weekends or evenings, and other visitors to your premises
  • Safegard can ensure that you are notified immediately if the power goes off (and if your freezers or heaters or pumps are at risk)
  • Safegard can provide the safety of a PANIC button for the staff of overnight or isolated businesses. Simply don't answer the phone or give the prearranged code word and the police will be on their way

Safegard Alarm Activation Process

If your alarm is monitored by Safegard:
You will be connected to our 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring Station

If you receive a call from Safegard, please pick up, your alarm could be activating!

For Burglary activations:

When a Burglar Sensor is Triggered:

  • 1. Our Monitoring Station will ring the site (to make sure it's not a user error, and to let anybody on the premises who shouldn't be there know that the alarm is being monitored and won't be ignored)
  • 2. If there's no reply the Monitoring Station will ring your Mobile, and then any other contacts who are on the contact list
  • 3. If there is still no reply or if requested by you, the Monitoring Station will DISPATCH A RAPID RESPONSE GUARD
  • 4. In some circumstances the Monitoring Station will CALL THE POLICE

Being a local monitoring company we respond faster to your alarm by dispatching local patrol cars from your area. Our aim is to be on site within 10-15 minutes. Sometimes this is not possible, because of distance or traffic however we always aim to get you the FASTEST response possible.


When the Smoke Alarm is Triggered:
We call the site to make sure it is not a user error If there is no answer, we call the Fire Service.

Our latest technology Photoelectric Smoke Detectors will protect you and your property while you are at home AND away. If there is a fire while you are home, the fire detectors will trigger the alarm, the 120dB sirens will sound to wake you up and our monitoring station will call you and if there is no response the Fire Service will be dispatched.

Personal Panic

When the Panic Alarm is Triggered:
The Monitoring Station will ring you at your home, premises or on your mobile (as arranged) and if there's no reply, or if you request it, WILL RING AN AMBULANCE

Access Control

We have door intercom options available for residential properties to protect you from unwanted visitors at your door.

Responses to other situations:

*In the event of a local or district power cut, we will not ring unless you are on the Platinum Commercial Plan and have specifically requested a call due to freezers or other vital equipment operation


Mis-use of your alarm is when your actions directly result in the alarm activating. Leaving windows open or having a pet inside when the alarm is set & you do not have Pet Ignore Sensors.

To be covered your alarm must of been installed by Safegard Alarms and be covered under guarantee, otherwise you will be required to cover charges.

Click here to view the Fair Use Policy

Businesses and Commercial Premise buildings have unique demands. For one thing, many commercial properties are unmanned overnight and throughout the weekend.

We can provide a great solution for keeping your business secure.

Tips & Tricks for a Monitored Alarm

It's important to keep your alarm in top working order.
Here are some helpful tips:

Book in a service

Make sure your house/site is secure

Make sure you close and lock all windows. Even if you have stays on the windows, the wind can blow the curtains creating movement and this will set off your sensors creating a false activation.

Keep your alarm clean

Fly spray can prevent spiders, flies, ants interfering with sensros & causing activations. Vacuum round your sensors and smoke detectors regularly to remove insects.

Regular service check & battery change

It's important to get a Safegard service at least every 2 years to check your alarm. Components could become inactive/damaged over a period of time and if not picked up by a technician then you run the risk of having your alarm inactive without even noticing.

Accidental smoke/heat alarm activations

If the smoke alarm activates and no one answers the site phone when we call or no contact is made with us, we will send the Fire Brigade*. *Once emergency services are dispatched we can’t stand them down.

Smoke Detector Placement

Smoke detectors near bathrooms and in kitchens are prone to false activations, please keep this in mind. Generally keep smoke detectors 3m away.

Cleaners and Tradesmen

Always let us know the name and phone number of any tradesmen who will be onsite and give them our contact details as well. Consider having a pin number that belongs to your cleaner only, and is not used by anyone else. Also let us know their name, number and the time expected on site.


Are you disconnecting your landline or converting to Fibre? Then you'll need an alternative alarm reporting path.

IP Monitoring

This is when your alarm is monitored over the internet through your broadband connection. No need for a landline, no cost for calls, but you should add a Uninterrupted Power Supply for your router for power outages/power cuts.

More on IP Monitoring

GPRS Monitoring

This is when your alarm is monitored over the mobile cellular data network. (GPRS) General Packet Radio Service is a packet oriented mobile data service on the 2G and 3G cellular communication system's Global System for Mobile communications (GSM).

More on GPRS Monitoring

Monitored FAQs

A 'Monitored' alarm means that your alarm and all of its components – including smoke detectors etc. – are connected to SafeGard's 24/7 Monitoring station by phone line (or over the internet or cellular network). If there is an alarm activation, we know about it immediately and can take appropriate action.

In addition to burglary activations, our Monitoring Station can monitor the status of your alarm battery and any batteries in the wireless sensors. Plus the status of your power supply (power cuts) and phone line. We can also monitor panic alarms and smoke/fire detectors. For businesses, we can monitor whether staff members are entering premises after hours and if your business is opened and closed on time.

Yes. If the alarm is still in a good operable condition we can service it and hook it up to our Monitoring Station.

Yes it can. If you are monitored by SafeGard or we installed the alarm, we can probably talk you through this over the phone. In other cases our Techs can reset your alarm and allow you to set a new code.

They certainly can, especially if the sensors are of an older type or non pet-ignore. But we can install pet-ignore sensors that will allow you to leave your cats inside. (Small dogs too, if required.)

No. A fair use policy applies. If your actions cause the alarm to activate, you will be charged for the guard callout. For example if you have pets inside and no pet sensors, and there is an activation, all guard callouts will be charged to you. Talk to us for more information.
View the Fair Use Policy
Yes. Our advertised monitoring fee is for a 12 month contract, but we can look at shorter term contracts.
You will receive a phone call from our friendly Monitoring Team and be asked for your password.


Get Connected with Safegard Monitoring

Residential Platinum

$35 Per/Month incl. GST

  • 24 hour a day/seven days a week local professional alarm monitoring
  • 24 hour local help line
  • 24 hour Rapid Response local guard service
  • Pay monthly by AP at no extra cost
  • Free guard callouts*
  • View the Fair Use Policy
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Commercial Platinum

$40 Per/Month

  • 24 hour a day/seven days a week local professional alarm monitoring
  • 24 hour local help line
  • 24 hour Rapid Response local guard service
  • Pay monthly by AP at no extra cost
  • Weekly emailed reports (if requested)
  • Late to set monitoring and call service
  • Open outside hours monitoring and call service
  • Early to open monitoring and call service
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Additional Cellular Data $10/month

If Safegard provides your data SIM card for GPRS monitoring, the charge is $10 incl gst. per month in addition to the monitoring fees as outlined above.

Brief Terms and Conditions

  Full Terms & Conditions
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